We are pleased to announce the beginning of GCSE courses for children from March 2nd. Children will have the full Hebden Bridge School experience with Yoga and Meditation to hone their learning potential and the democratic meeting to participate in the running of the school. Class sizes will be small, no more than 12, and there will be ample one-to-one learning opportunities. All the teachers are fully qualified, experienced, with an excellent track record of GCSE teaching.

We will be offering 2 GCSEs to begin with:

English Language and Mathematics from March 2 2017

Also, English Literature and Spanish from September 2017 when we move to becoming a 2-day school.

The timetable will look like this:

08:30 Register
08:35 PE including Yoga and Meditation
09:30 English Language
10:30 English Language
11:30 Break
12:30 Lunch
01:30 Meditation
01:35 Maths
2:35 Break
2:40 Maths
03:40 Reflection and preparation for homework and next day
04:00 Finish
  • Ages from 13-16.
  • We start on March 2, but after that students can join at any time. (Some one-to-one tuition and/or private study may be required to bring them up to speed with the group.)
  • Normally students will study for a GCSE over a period of two years. Although for us when the student is ready and willing they can be entered for exams.
  • There are 2 periods when exams can be taken. May/June or October/November.
  • Homework: It is up to the student how much they do but 2 hours per subject per week is recommended.
  • One-to-one classes are available and are charged separately.
  • Fees vary from term to term but monthly, over 10 payments per year, work out to:

£198 per month for the one-day-a-week school.

£360 per month for the two-day school.(From September 2017)

  • We are looking into becoming a registered exam centre. Until then exams can be conducted at Woodhouse Grove School in Bradford.
  • Examination fees are charged separately.
  • Once students sign up they commit to at least one full term ahead.
  • To register for an open morning or  interview see below
  • Name of child:

    Date of birth:
    Which open morning do you wish to attend and are there any special educational or dietary needs?
    Name of parent/guardian:

    Phone Number:

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