“I liked hearing and learning about the origin of the universe, the origins that humans have come up with, I also liked learning about the earths many layers”


“I really liked the science in both topics. I thought that it was amazing how much sugar was in “healthy food” and I found all the work on planets and stars very interesting. Art was amazing. It was really fun making masks and painting pictures with natural pigments and it was interesting making and painting our own caves. History was fascinating and I feel like I learned alot especially when we were doing slavery.”


“In science I have enjoyed learning about the planets and the rock cycle. My favourite thing to do in science is when we do stations, because it is an easy and fun way to learn new things. In history we have been doing about origins and creation stories, so we were reading lots of different creation stories from different nationalities. My favourite story was the one from China called ‘Yin and Yang’. For homework we had to write our own creation story, then In art we made caves out of papier mache and chicken wire, then painted our creation stories onto the caves.”



“Before I joined this school I had never done meditation or yoga. I really enjoy doing it because It has made me a lot more flexible and it relaxes you before beginning lessons.”


“it is nice to start the school day feeling relaxed and feeling like your muscles have been stretched.”



“I like doing the democratic meeting because it is a time to express your feelings and suggest any ideas that you would like to share with the rest of the group.”


“we decided lots of things and we all got a say”


“Its really nice to be able to have a say in things and be able to sort out your problems with everyone helping you.”


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