The  Festival of Alternative Education  will be held at the Birchcliffe Centre on June 16, 17 and 18.

What is the point of  this?

The world is facing unprecedented challenges right now and we need to change the predominant narrative to one of co-operation and sharing as the way forward for us all on this planet.

What kind of festival is it?

The Festival will have three themes: Earth, Society and Self, especially how they are connected. In keeping with our democratic principles theis is an open-space festival where any delegate can offer to lead a workshop. This will foment the circulation of ideas and experience, enhance friendship and enrich networking.  Workshops will be 45-60 minutes long.

There will also be three keynote speakers. The venue will be the Birchcliffe Centre in Hebden Bridge, where the school is based.

The three themes are:

Self: Workshops on developing awareness of the body, mind and emotions to enhance the capacity for learning and thinking interconnectedly. Developing our ability to engage mindfully and creatively with the world.

Society: We invite attendees to create and participate in workshops that explore the theme of society: how can alternative approaches in education contribute to and change society; how can schools prepare children and young people for future challenges and to become active citizens?

Earth: Workshops to foster a deep connection with the natural world, to develop an awareness of the negative impacts of human lifestyles and looking at creative, collaborative solutions to ecological problems.

Is food  included in the ticket price?

Yes, it is an opportunity to sample food made by local projects which seek to recycle food or land for food production.

Friday night. Dinner by Junk food Project

Saturday : Lunch by Incredible Farm

Dinner by Junk Food Project,

Sunday:     Lunch  by Treesponsibility

How much do the tickets cost?

Click here for full information about tickets


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