Come and join our  wonderful one-day school on Thursdays.

The students self-direct their way through our unique educational programme that integrates the mind and body into an interconnected, creative world of study.

With each child and parent we agree a personalised learning plan to determine how the student prefers to study inside and outside of the classroom.

  • All of our  bespoke cross-subject topics  prepare students for GCSEs.
  • Children are taught in one group of Key stage 3, aged between 9 and 13.
  • All of our teachers are highly-qualified, creative professionals. They are very  experienced with taking children from KS3 up to GCSEs and beyond.
  • Students do daily of yoga and meditation to enhance the capcity for learning and self-management.
  • Students participate in the democractic meetings, learning to find their voice and make decisions collectively.
  • The school day follows the timetable below, every Thursday.
  • Individually tailored tutoring hours are available on other days.
  • Students can be set homework. This is agreed between teachers, students and parents as part of a personalised learning plan. It is up to the students to do it, there is no sanction if they don’t.
  • Parents can take holidays with their children whenever they want.
  • Students can join the group at any time and will be charged pro-rata for the term (from when they join until the end of that term).
  • A school camp will be scheduled in July 2018 for those who wish to come along.
  • Fees for 2017-18.

The School Day

8:30     Register. PE inc Yoga* +Meditation
9:30     Cross-curricular topic** (CCT)
10:20     CCT
11:10     Break
11:30    School Democratic Meeting
12:15    Lunch
1:15     CCT
2:00     CCT
2:45     Break
2.55     CCT
3:40     Reflection + preparation for the following day.
4:00     Finish

* Yoga is a shorthand for any physical activity that is done mindfully so it could be martial arts, tai chi, capoeira, sports etc…

** Cross curricular topics last one half term so there will be 6 in total over the first year. They will blend English Literature, Science, History, Geography, Art, RE, Philosophy + Ethics, Citizenship, Music, Dance, Languages, ICT, Photography, Film-making, Presentation skills.

Like what you see but we are too far away from you? We can also come and set up  a one day a school in your area. Contact us for more details

An example of a Cross Curricular Topic

 Sugar and Slavery

Science: carbohydrates, proteins, fats. Molecules. The digestive system.
PSHE: addictions, health effects.
History: slave trade and linking sugar addiction and consumption to driving the
Music: the music of the slaves and its connection to rock and roll, soul, gospel, jazz and R&B
Human geography: economics of sugar and the processed food industry
Visit: The Tate Gallery Liverpool and Liverpool International Slavery Museum.
Art: represent what you have learnt and what it means to you.

To register for a an open morning see below:

Name of child:

Date of birth:
Which open morning do you wish to attend and are there any special educational or dietary needs?
Name of parent/guardian:

Phone Number:

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