Our KS2 Class

Topic-based and fun.

The learning is topic based and tailored to the needs of younger students. It develops literacy and numeracy within the topic context as well as introducing children to fun hands-on science as well as creative arts including painting, acting, singing and music. There will even be a session where the children decide what they want to learn, either as a group or individually.

Younger children will do yoga and meditation and get involved in democratic meetings to help develop their self-awareness and their capacity to collaborate and make decisions.

Our KS2 Teacher

Natalie Rees is a specialist KS2 teacher with a background in art therapy. She has a masters in creative writing and is dedicated to bringing out the innate creativity in children.

Our Flexi-Timetable – Ages 7 to 10



Literacy and Numeracy

In our 7-10 year-old group, the children step into the world of letters and numbers through imaginative play. We nurture their natural curiosity by offering an experiential, topic-based approach, which connects science, humanities and arts. It allows the children to see how their world is interconnected and find their place in it.

Democratic meetings

Our weekly democratic meeting gives children a platform to input into the co-operative running of the group. Through these meetings, they develop the capacity to listen, persuade, understand others’ points of view and make decisions.  The younger group will have their own meetings to begin with, and will only join in with the whole-school meetings with the older children when they feel ready.


Each Friday, the children explore the natural world in our Imaginature activities. We take learning outdoors into our local landscape, inviting the children to inspire their senses and feel connected to nature. We take regular trips to Nutclough Woods and Swanbank – an educational farm in Cragg Vale.

Self-directed learning

Every other Thursday the children have a self-directed learning session where they decide what they want to learn as a group or individually. It allows them to follow their passions or do something that is stirring their curiosity on a particular day. They plan, document and reflect on what they do to value their independent learning.

We are now a 4-day flex-school offering a maximum of 18 hours of learning 

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